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12/14/2020 -  Season VII now live 

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HOPE Society Spotlight - The Warlock Class

Check out our latest spotlight article on legendsofaria.com
In this article we featured the new Warlock Class, which was custom developed exclusively for this server.


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HOPE Society Spotlight - The Nightborn Faction

Check out our last spotlight article on legendsofaria.com
In this article we featured the Nightborn, a magical race that was co-developed by some of our very own players.   The Nightborn seek the aid of players in the world to restore their lost magiks.  With your help you will be able to conquer monsters, explore the world, and help give rebirth to the Nightborn!  Click the HOPE Society Spotlight image below


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Legends of Aria Official Tweets


Citadel Studios
Thank you for making such a special game and providing community admins like us the opportunity to build in your world.  this opportunity has literally changed my life and the lives of so many others who share in this world.  -Admin Scan

To All of our patrons

The moment I realized how much it would cost to build and run this world made me nervous.  You make this game possible, you make our world possible, you empower everything that we are capable of doing.  Your participation & friendship has been truly one of the most amazing experiences in my life.  Thank you for playing my game.  -Admin Scan