Blacksmithing, previously known as Metalsmith, is a trade skill and allows creation of metal items using an anvil. This includes weapons, armor, and tools. Once the minimum skill requirement to craft an item has been reached, a player can attempt to craft it. However, the probability of success will be dependent on the skill in blacksmithing, so the higher the player's blackmithing skill exceeds the minimum requirement, the more likely the craft will succeed.

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The Alchemy Table

The Alchemy Table can be crafted by Carpenters and permit alchemists to craft potions and magic jewelry.  Additionally, every town has an alchemist table players can use.


For players to excel at this skill they will need to collect reagents and other rare ingredients such as gems to create items contained in the Alchemy Table.

Reagents & Ingredients

Many of the items you need for Alchemy are typically obtained by fighting magic-based monsters, lock picking treasure chests, and harvesting ingredients from the ground, in the wilderness.